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Video Codecs
by Elearn Admin - Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 8:19 AM

Dear all users,

Should you encounter problems to play any video uploaded in here or even in your own pc, i suspected that it could be a problem with the unavailability of proper video codecs. I have uploaded a zip file consist of 3 codecs installer. Please download and install.

  1. k-lite codecs pack mega (must be installed first)
  2. Real alternatives (codecs to play Real media videos)
  3. Quicktime alternatives (codecs to play Quicktime videos)

No.1 includes a video player. No.2 and 3 are not included with a video player. Both are just additional codecs so that video player in no.1 can play both video formats.

With all of these, your pc should be able to play almost all types of video. Please close all internet browsers before installing for browser integration. Thanks